Think, Create
& Communicate

TEN LAB is the design that shapes your ideas. We are designers, we are graphic designers, we are creative.



We are a service company focused on the increasingly pressing needs of communication and product development. Why? Because we believe in the ideas and the people who propose them to us. We’re also bad singers, but that’s another story.

We operate in an increasingly complex market, as you know, but which fortunately for you we know very well. Now that you know who we are, you have two options: to realize with us what you have in mind or to dwell on what might have happened.

Does it make sense to create services for people and then not pay attention to them? Not for sure. Our values begin with an imperative: always realize ideas we believe in.


Tell us what you have in mind: design a new product? Set up a creative space? Implement online and offline communication?

We will guide you in the realization of your idea, without rudder to tell you if it is feasible or if it is better to think about it again. We will listen to your advice, your criticism, your perplexities.


You know when you want something in a certain way because "everyone does it that way"? This is a mindset that doesn’t belong to us! We believe in lateral thinking, in realizing an idea through an alternative point of view, in undermining the obvious logic of the creation process.

The purpose? Offer to those who rely on us a complete package of design, design, graphics, space design and communication always innovative and never banal. It almost bothers us to say that last word.


Research, analysis, positioning, market, thanks to our team you will find the concrete and achievable solution that will make you "the opponent to beat" for all your competitors.