We seek unique

You know when you want something in a certain way because "everyone does it that way"? This is a mindset that doesn’t belong to us!


At TENLAB we want to continue to be a creative point of reference and look at the creation of products and spaces with a different look.

We want to make each person proud of their intuitions and lead them to tell us with conviction: "let’s do it!”. The intention? Changing perspectives by knowing the world we work on.


We want to support the people we believe in and realize their ideas, shaping what will become their new future.

We provide our know-how, becoming an external team for everything related to creativity, design and design. Our strength is to really know the market and its dynamics, now we want to know you!


It was the fall of 2012 when L10 was born, the Italian company that today produces and distributes coolness all over the world. The first successes were achieved and he fraternized with takeout food, while customers grew and needs increased.

After years of exhibitions, collaborations and projects, L10 realizes that it needs to dedicate an important part of its company to a constant creative work. In 2014 Michel came to Head the Design and Communication department as Creative Director.

What better person than him to lead our TEN LAB?

Tell us your idea, we’ll shape it and... Design it!

This is how we became a separate company, a company that shakes the hand of ideas and turns them into revenue. We have kept our office and all the L10 colleagues are always with us, but now we devote ourselves only to creativity.

We needed a space where our customer could find a trusted ally and so we made our know-how available. If you are reading these last lines, you probably have something in mind that you would like to accomplish. We can tell you if the game is worth the risk.